How do you launch a new agency in a town like DC where there is nothing but an endless sea of same? A crowded space full of cookie cutter PR / political / communication firms who also claim they do brand marketing and the kitchen sink of advertising. 

Everything from our positioning to our brand voice had to rebel against the norms of DC. First, we decided to love and embrace where we are: DC. This meant drawing upon the likes of District creative pioneers like Bad Brains, Fugazi and Chuck Brown. Like these creative forefathers, rebel DIY for the people became our design mantra. This gave the agency the flexibility to change as new design thinking was introduced while keeping an overarching brand aesthetic. 

Autonomy Coop was born. 

A DC-based design cooperative founded in 2018. We use design thinking to advance the causes of human rights, personal freedoms, and social equality. We specialize in civtech product design and build, social change campaigns, and original content creation. Certified Benefit Corporation. Worker-owned.

> Roll: Creative Director / C0-Founder Co-Founder: Kurt Roberts Co-Founder: Jay McDowell


Untraditional agency guerilla advertising aimed at sparking curiosity and a conversation.