Bonjour! Je m’appelle Jean-Pierre Bovie. Despite being the son of a French immigrant, that’s pretty much all the French I speak. One thing my parents did teach me was the art of refinishing antiques. Like most kids, I hated the family business at first. “Why all this wax on, wax off, Mr. Miyagi?!” But today, I see that it taught me to respect craftsmanship, take pride in what you do, and exercise patience above all. These lessons have followed me into the world of advertising and I hold them near and dear.

I have worked at a number of shops–big, small and everything in between. The ones I love the most have always been the ones that feel like a family, where making good work doesn’t feel like a job at all. I believe a good day at work doesn’t have to feel any different than when I was a 7-year old boy drawing epic construction paper murals of battles between Tie-fighters and X-wings.

When I’m not having a smashing time solving creative problems, you can find me having fun in the great outdoors: unrolling a sleeping bag under the stars, trying to surf (mostly tyring), or being tortured in the stands by my beloved San Francisco Giants. This is where I recharge my batteries and find my inspiration.