Parents will do anything to give their kids an edge, especially when it comes to their health. Despite that, the lion’s share of work in the category tries to be clever and cute. With this campaign–which won the agency the business–we set out to captured the shared, almost defiant spirit of doctors, nurses, parents and patients at one of the nation’s top children’s hospitals. Because the reality is, a lot of places can help kids grow up strong. Children’s National helps them grow up stronger.


> Role: Creative Director Art Director: Melanie Fitts Copy: Amanda Ozarowski

> Role: ACD Art Director ACD Copy:  Bruce Gray


In year two of the Grow Up Stronger campaign we introduced real patients and their stories, culled from the past 70 years. They represent a living, breathing version of what it truly means to Grow Up Stronger. Extended interviews with patients allowed for a deeper level of storytelling in social media.


> Role: Creative Director Art Director: Melanie Fitts Copy:  Amanda Ozarowski