The marriage between Long and Foster and world-renowned fine art auction house Christie’s presented an interesting challenge: How do you take the mid-Atlantic's largest real estate company to the world of luxury. 

We realized that luxury brands must lead by being cultural forces. So our new website became more than just listing properties, it became the expression of lifestyle and taste showcasing the world of art, travel, fashion, and leisure.  

We wanted to infatuate our clientele with unique possibilities to pursue the lifestyle of their dreams. This gave birth to the idea: Dwell in the uncommon.

> CD: Jean-Pierre Bovie AD: Mel Fitts CW: Neil Pohl



Our discerning audience has a desire for quality, exclusivity, heritage, taste and fine design. To help lead the luxury conversation, we created a monthly magazine. Timeless authentic moments distilled from the world of Christie’s were woven into each issue.


An annual book to define our spot in world of luxury .

To break through the clutter of the luxury real estate category and to add Intangible value we created an annual book showcasing luxury homes and the clients who bought them that year. This essentially became a collection of the who’s who of living out their dreams and a testament to the quality Long and Foster + Christie’s International provides.

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LF4 copy.jpg

Print and digital ads invited the viewer to bask in unique moments aimed to spark their dreams to run wild.