Since America’s earliest days, millions of men and women have answered the call of law enforcement. More than 20,000 have paid the ultimate price, and more than 900,000 still serve today. Behind all of us are stories of service, sacrifice, and bravery — stories of honor that need to be heard. The National Law Enforcement Museum is our voice. For the first time ever, our nation will have a focal point that tells these stories: a place to preserve our legacy.

With the help of congress a home for the Museum was found and construction has begun. Our unique challenge was to attract Law Enforcement from around the country to become lifetime members to help with construction costs. The Honor Alliance was created In tandem with the Law Enforcement Memorial to give special recognition to officers who join. Officers from around the country have not only become members of the Honor Alliance in droves but it is being gifted as well as memberships being made in remembrance. 

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To create some buzz for the museum while under construction we created a teaser campaign ranging from pop-culture humor to acknowledging there is a very current need to tell all sides of the law enforcement story.