Norfolk Southern not only has an expansive collection of fine art but it is a firm believer in sponsoring the arts throughout the eastern seaboard. From museums to the opera has been committed to bringing  the best the world has to offer to the communities they work with. Every year they promote this though print, online and social advertising. 



> Role: Creative Director / Art Director


> Role: ACD / Art Director


Norfolk Southern brings prosperity and economic growth to the American economy, yet its brand is often perceived as dated and stuck in the past. With the changing political landscape and regulatory threats that can impede expansion into new markets, it has become critical for this once “old school” company to reframe its brand as innovative and forward-thinking in order to forge positive connections with policymakers and the opinion leaders who influence them.

> Role: Creative Director  Art Director: Grace Taylor Copy: Neil Pohl


Policymakers and high-level influencers are extremely hard to reach, particularly during an election year. With campaign mudslinging as a backdrop, we decided to strike an optimistic tone and focus on creating an emotional connection based upon our audience’s love for trains and their curiosity about what goes on behind the scenes.


We chose to deliver our message in the newest way possible, through virtual reality. Working in conjunction with CNN’s content lab and activation teams, we created a suite of immersive 360° videos that convention goers of both political parties could experience while gathering at the CNN Grill. The videos told the stories of what’s behind the trains that keep the economy moving, and were also served up through a robust social media campaign.


At Norfolk Southern, we know what it takes to move the economy forward. It takes people. The NS team works together to connect businesses, improve sustainable practices, and enhance safety and service across our rail network. This year, our Operation Awareness and Response (OAR) safety train is visiting 23 cities and towns to provide rail safety training to local first responders. http://pulling-together.com/


> Role: Creative Director  Art Director: Grace Taylor Copy: Neil Pohl