Everybody was familiar with the FreeCreditScore.com band. Everyone knew all the words to the catchy tunes, and anyone could tell you what service they were singing about. Experian had reveled in nine quarters of consecutive growth since the campaign began, and when Stephen Colbert quips the FCR guy is alongside the Obama girl as a culture icon, you know you're onto something. But then the ordinance was declared; to transition from FreeCreditReport.com to FreeCreditScore.com. Keep revenue pipeline open and freshen the foundation of the creative. 

The old FCR band, though adored, weren't really musicians. In truth, the French-Canadian motley crew didn't even really speak English. To not only freshen up the creative but also to add some legitimacy to Experian and their enterprise we decided to take to the roads to find a real band and let America decide who that was going to be.

Bringing the consumer with us, we would find a new Freecreditscore.com band. Integrating them all along the way, they would help us sift through the hundreds of potential, talented music-makers out there to find the ONE band the could carry on the FreeCreditScore.com name.

> Role: Art Director ACD Copy: David Muhlenfeld