Don't leave it to Chance. Fall 2013 marked the launch of state run healthcare exchanges all across the country–aka Obamacare. In Washington state, they call theirs, "Washington Healthplanfinder." Our task was to create an integrated campaign that would attract attention, educate consumers and appeal to low income audiences skeptical of both healthcare and the government. What better time to do that than at those exact moments when fate is out of our hands.


Roll:  Art Director    //     Copy:  Bruce Gray





These are the Washington Healthplanfinder Sessions -Washington Healthplanfinder asked us to showcase stories of real people who had signed up for insurance. A strategically smart idea, but not a sexy one. So instead of doing dry testimonials, we decided to celebrate their success in style. The campaign is a little bit Ali G, a little bit Macklemore and whole lot ridiculous. But most of all, it’s about showing some love to regular people who have insurance for the first time. In the first week of the campaign, sign-ups among young people shot up 10%.